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How do I view a portfolio as a ticker?

As part of the redesign of the WebLink Portfolio System, we have removed the notion of a Ticker as being something separate. Instead, you'll now find all your old Tickers have simply become WatchLists. To view any WatchList as a Ticker, simply choose the "Ticker" option from the View drop-down menu, found next to the Portfolio drop-down menu. Because of this change, there is no need for a separate Ticker portfolio anymore - all WatchLists can be viewed as Tickers, as well as in the usual ways.

How do I set up daily data emails?

(Plans with an Email service only)

The Email Groups now have their own section of the website. You can find this section by clicking the "Email" link in the navigation bar at the top of the page. You should find the new section easier to access and much more straightforward to use than the previous system. Note also that you can email your WatchLists from this section, if desired. All the old functionality is still there - it has simply moved to a better location.

How to change the columns you in Portfolios by using templates?

To create, modify, or set a default template for a WatchList or ShareHolding, simply click the "Template Manager" link in the left hand margin of the Portfolio section.

A new feature of Templates is that you can now switch between templates "On-the-fly" via the same Views drop-down menu that you would use to switch between, say, the News view and Dynamic view. Templates are now much more convenient to both manage and use. Further enhancments are also being worked on - please contact us with any suggestions that you have!

How does Share Holding Valuation work?

In response to feedback from many of our users, we have refined the Share Holding Valuation. Essentially, we now produce two separate reports based on your Transacation History:

  • Open Holdings Report - a list of those securities of which you still hold (in other words, securities that you haven't sold yet).
  • Closed Holdings Report - this is the list of securities which you have sold.

The reason for producing two separate reports is that the two different groups really need to tell different information.

The Open Holdings Report is concerned with securities that you still hold. When viewing these securities, you are interested in knowing how well they are performing and what their worth would be if you were to sell them.

The Closed Holdings Report would be used to keep track of your trading history. It tells you how much profit was actually realised as a result of a complete buy/sell cycle. This represents the facts about completed transactions.

This new system provides more intuitive management of additional buys, or partial sells. Consider the following example:

  1. Purchase 30,000 BHP shares at $18.50
  2. Sell 20,000 BHP shares at $19.75
  3. Purchase an additional 10,000 BHP shares at $19.00

After these trades, BHP would appear in both tables to reflect the fact that 20,000 shares have been sold (or closed), and 20,000 are still held (or open).

The new portfolio system distributes charges such as Brokerage, Stamp Duty and GST between the corresponding open and closed stocks. In this example, the closed table will list 20,000 shares. The expenses against the profit of this sale will include 2/3 of the charges from the first transaction and all of the charges for the second transaction.

The open table, in this example, will show 20,000 shares. Half will be from the first transaction, and half from the third. The charges will be 1/3 of the charges of the first transaction, plus all of the charges from the third transaction. The portfolio system uses FIFO accounting (first in first out), so if you were to then sell 15,000 shares then the profit will be calculated with the cost of 10,000 being $18.50 (plus charges) and the cost of 5,000 being $19.00 (plus charges). The remaining 5,000 would still be listed in the open table and potential profit would be considered with the purchase price being $19.00.

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