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Questions about PageViews

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What is the PageView system?

Each WebLink plan allows you to access a certain number of PageViews each month. Higher plans allow more PageViews, and some plans allow an unlimited number of PageViews. The PageView system keeps track of how many pages you have viewed that contain data. Read on to learn more about what pages are counted.

How can I see how many page views I've used?

For people not on the unlimited plans, the number of PageViews used so far is displayed in the top right corner of the screen. (Some very old browsers may display it at the bottom of the screen). If you are on an unlimited plan then you do not need to worry about PageViews at all, so the counter is not displayed.

When you are close to using up your monthly quota, the counter will change from white to yellow

If you are using multiple windows then remember that the number shows the PageViews used at the time that window was loaded.

This counter is provided as a courtesy only. If your browser can not correctly see the current number of PageViews, please contact WebLink to check your usage.

What pages count as PageViews?

As a general rule of thumb, any pages and reports that display stock market or financial data count as a page view. This can include charts, news articles, reports on a security, reports on the market, etc. There are a few exceptions, so a summary of what is and isn't included is as follows:

Pages that do count as PageViews:

  • Pages containing stock market or financial information
  • Reports on securities, even if they are currently suspended
  • CSV file downloads

Pages that do not count as PageViews:

  • WebLink home page (even though it contains some stock market data)
  • News headlines page
  • Symbol search pages
  • WebLink general information pages (like this one, feedback, pricing, etc)
  • Pages that don't contain any stock market or financial information other than the small All Ords quote in the corner
  • Pages to edit portfolios (although viewing them does count)
  • Pages where data is not found (eg, incorrect symbol, or a market scan that doesn't find any securities)

Does it count if I type in the wrong ASX code?

If you enter an invalid symbol and no data is found then it is not counted as a PageView. However if you enter a valid symbol of a security other than what you intended to view then it will count as a PageView.

How many PageViews do I get?

Different plans allow different numbers of PageViews. Some plans allow an unlimited number of PageViews. See the pricing page for a list of what is available in each plan. PageViews are always stated in the number you can view each month, reset at midnight on the first of each month.

Will I get any warnings when I am approaching my limit?

You will see a pop up message warning you when you reach any of 50%, 80% or 90% of your monthly limit. After 90% the counter in the top corner will also change to yellow and say that your prepaid limit is nearly reached. You will not be sent an email warning.

People on Unlimited or Dynamic plans will not see any warning messages, as they have an unlimited number of PageViews.

These warning messages are provided as a courtesy only. Some browsers may not be able to display the warning messages, so it is important to keep an eye on your PageViews in the counter. Or if you can't see the counter either please contact WebLink to check your usage.

When is the PageView count reset?

PageViews are always stated in the number you can view each month, reset at midnight on the first of each month.

How can I see how many page views I've used?

Keep an eye on the counter in the top right corner of the screen. If the number goes up, it usually means that the page has counted as a PageView.

Note: If you are using multiple windows then an older window may change its number to be up-to-date, even if that window itself didn't count as a PageView

Can I buy more PageViews for this month only?

If you are running out of PageViews, you can buy a minimum of 200 PageViews for $11.00. The additional cost and extra PageViews are for that month only. To buy more PageViews call WebLink.

What has changed since 1st March 2003?

Prior to 1/3/2003, the WebLink website was using an old program written in 1997 to count PageViews. In the last six years, many internal and external aspects of the website have changed but the PageView system had not been kept up to date with these changes, so a new system was introduced. This new system is designed to accurately keep track of the number of pages viewed.

The changes include:

  • Displaying the PageViews so far this month for non-unlimited users in the top corner of the screen.
  • Better accuracy in page counting (the old system under counted)
  • Improved notification when your limit is being reached
  • Remove auto-refresh feature on non-unlimited plans (as this uses your quota up very quickly)

Why did my PageView count go up unexpectedly?

Sometimes the counter may appear to jump up by more than one PageView, or it may increase on a page that isn't normally counted (such as just after logging in). What is usually happening here is that the PageView has already gone up on a previous page and you weren't aware of it.

For example, if you download a CSV file then you are counted one PageView, however the updated page count isn't displayed anywhere (as it's not possible with a CSV file). So, the next time you view a different page, you will see the page count increased as a result of viewing that CSV file. A similar effect can also happen if you are using multiple windows at the same time. Click here to see what other pages count as PageViews.

Note: If you are still having problems understanding why some pages are counting unexpectedly, please contact us as soon as possible.

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